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Accelerated Bail Bonds CA is the premiere Bail Bond agency of San Diego County and Southern California, with a reputation for first-class service and fast response. We cater to individuals who appreciate the importance of our experience, professionalism, and confidentiality. Our clients value the patience, reassurance, and understanding we give them through the stressful time of arrest & posting a bail bond.

  • We’re Here To Help

    When a family member or friend has been arrested, you want them released from custody as soon as possible. If you need to post bail to secure release, we can help!


    We will explain all procedures and answer any questions you have, so that you feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. Our concern is for you.

  • We Handle All Bond Types:

    We can help with all bond types from Misdemeanor, Felony, DUI/Drug Offenses, to Asult/Battery and more. We’ll handle your case with respect and discretion.

services we provide

Our services are to guide you through this difficult time. We’ll walk through this- TOGETHER.

  • Free Consultations

    We offer FREE Phone Consultations that guide you through your situation.

  • 24/7 Service

    We’re always available. We offer 24 hour Bail Bond Service 7 days a week.

  • Transfer Bonds

    Our Transfer Bonds are posted on your behalf from your home state if you should need it.

  • Fast Bond Posting

    Fast and friendly service to reunite families and help good people who make mistakes.

  • Client Confidentiality

    We always provide our clients with the guidance they need, all completely confidential.

  • Discount Rate

    Ask us about our “Discount Rate” — We have many affordable plans to help your situation.

Types of Bonds We Handle

We will handle any of these types of bonds you might experience.

  • considered a crime of lesser seriousness
  • usually involving violence, a more serious crime
  • issued by judge, probable cause crime is committed
  • paraphernalia, possession and driving under the influence
  • physical, sexual, emotional, economic, psychological threats
  • fear imminent harm and/or acting out in physical battery
  • disobedience of an order of a court
  • taking of property from person by threat or force

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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to important topics you may have.

What Is A Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a financial guarantee to the court ensuring that the defendant will appear at all the mandated court dates until the case is over.

How much does it cost for a bail bond?

The State of California’s Department of Insurance regulates the rates on all bonds. The premium is 10% of the total bail amount and is non-refundable. For example, the premium for a bail bond of $15,000 would be $1,500.

Is the premium for the bail bond refundable?

No. The premium is the Bail Agent¹s fee for posting the bond and is fully earned when the defendant is released.

How long is a Bail Bond good for?

A bail bond is good for only one year. If the court case goes beyond the one year, an additional premium must be paid to keep the bond in force.

What if a defendant is bailed out, but doesn’t appear in court?

Should the defendant fail to comply with the court¹s mandates, an arrest warrant may be issued and bail bonds forfeited.

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