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Community Hall and 2 Meeting Rooms
The Hall, with a commercial kitchen, accommodates 150 people; the meeting rooms, approximately 50.

All are available for rent for meetings, parties, classes, lectures, seminars, etc. Please contact the main office for current rental fees.

Meeting Rooms (for holding meetings only)
HALL - $30 per hour (for events in the hall, please call for rates)
ROOM 3 - $25 per hour
ROOM 5 - $25 per hour


Valley Center Parks and Recreation District (VCPRD) Main Office
28246 Lilac Road/PO Box 141, Valley Center, CA 92082
Phone (760) 749-8852
Fax (760) 749-8893


Valley Center Parks & Recreation District - 28246 Lilac Road, Valley Center, CA 92082 (760) 749-8852

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